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The Print Graphic Designer

Name: Lizzie Ridout  

Age: Late 20s

Location: London

University attended: London College of Communication, UAL 

Job title: Senior Print Graphic Designer(in house)

Responsibilities: In short, anything that needs designing! – Window Displays, Visual Merchandising, POS, Branding, OOH Advertising, Packaging design, web and social content, internal comms……. 

Have you ever interned before landing your roles?  Yes! and it was the best thing I ever did for my career. I was lucky to be on a course that allowed you to step into the industry for a whole year. I dotted around various places, finding out what I did and didn’t like. Some places I did just make the tea, which sucked! Whilst others welcomed me into the business and entrusted me with live projects, as though I was a full time employee…albeit on half the pay…but if the role provides you with more than just monetary value, you try to stick it out!

What’s your favourite thing about working as a Senior Graphic Designer within Fashion? Honestly, the free clothes! If we are talking about my day-to-day job though, I just love the opportunity to be creative everyday, whilst helping to sell something that I am massively interested in, and care about. AND even-though I am Senior, I love that I am still learning and absorbing new information, everyday!

What advice would you give to someone wanting to enter a career within Fashion Graphic Design? Experience, Experience, Experience! (Sorry Tony Blair!) I honestly think I wouldn’t be where I am now were it not for my Experience! I was lucky enough to intern but, I was also freelance long before I landed my first full-time job! Freelancing was a lot like interning, I always worked on site, never remotely, so I got a little taster of a lot of different sectors, so when it came to settling I knew what I wanted to be doing and what I didn’t, and where. However! Freelancing isn’t for everyone, especially coming straight out of education. If you can’t stomach freelancing then definitely intern first; find a brand/company or even an individual you admire and do what you can to get good quality training and mentorship out of them! Equally, if it’s immediately not the right fit, don’t be afraid to move on to your next Experience! (They might even pay more!?)

A quote you live by:  I don’t necessarily live by a quote. I concentrate more on just keeping my attitude in check. If I am having a lazy day, or I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or a feel drained of creativity – whatever negative traits I have that day – I allow myself to wallow in it for a moment, but then I take a deep breath and move the f*** on! – Feeling lazy? Go to the gym, or a long walk at least! Lacking creativity? Read, go to a gallery etc…equally shameless scanning of Pinterest is a good start to replenishing those proverbial creative juices! Most importantly though, be open to absorbing EVERYTHING around you, relevant or not to your career, you never know what lateral connections your neural pathways (grey matter) can make to inspire and idea!

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