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The Content Creator

Name: Alicea Lewis (Ally)

Age: 23

Location: South East England 

University attended: University for the Creative Arts 

Job title: Social Media Analyst // Content Creator 

Responsibilities: Main responsibilities I look after the TALA socials and create the content that we post. My daily tasks involve researching shoot locations, looking for models and planning the concepts. I also am very lucky as working with a start up means I get to input my thoughts into all the various elements it takes to build a brand. 

Have you ever interned before landing your roles? I had a few small internships, but for me it was freelance work that helped me get to where I am. I thrive when jumping in and learning as I go.

What’s your favourite thing about working as a content creator within fashion? I am OBSESSED with the endless possibilities within content creation. There is always room for improvement and I love the fact that there are no boundaries. 

What advice would you give to someone wanting to enter a career as a content creator within fashion? To work hard, keep pushing and never give up. You can get rejected 10 times, but as long as you get back up and keep striving to get better, you are guaranteed to reach your goals. 

A quote you live by: ‘Everything is figureoutable’ 🙌🏼🙌🏼

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