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The Beginners Guide To Networking

Networking, the thing everybody and anybody will tell you is the most crucial and important part within this industry. It can be daunting, and if you have no idea how to involve yourself, you can feel pretty hopeless. Luckily enough for you, we have a few steps to turn you into a networking pro!

Never turn down an opportunity

You never know who is going to be at any event, show, job or even in the street. If you consistently act prepared for an opportunity to hit you, they will. 

Speak to everybody

Be it your uber driver, a customer, the bar man or even the postman. People know people and when you engage in conversation, not only are you practicing telling people what you do, your dreams and who you are, you could end up landing yourself a job. Your next encounter with a stranger could be Michelle Keegans mum!

Attend events 

Especially fashion related events; Become a regular face and people will soon know who you are and what you do. Events are held constantly, from student events, to high fashion events. Be there.


One of the best places to volunteer at is Graduate Fashion Week and London Fashion Week. The place is bursting with talent, entrepreneurs and very important people. Volunteering there not only looks good on your CV but gets you a huge list of contacts.

Treat your social media like a business 

 Social media is the new CV. Post consistently but in theme of what it is you want to do, act professional and engage with other fashion related creators. Comment, messaging and sharing other people’s posts acts as an incredibly easy networking tool. Its also a perfect place to assist photographers, designers and creators and build up a relationship with them.

Networking can seem pretty daunting, but in reality it’s what you do every single day with a bit more thought put into it. Hold yourself well, engage in conversation and get out there. The world is waiting for you.

All my love,

Saskia Clark

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