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3 Free Marketing Courses that come with certificates

Google Garage – Digital Marketing Course 

This is a 40-hour course, which of course comes with a certificate once completed. This course covers all of the basics of digital marketing and what is important within the industry right now e.g. Influencers.

Google Academy – Google Analytic Course

This course is ESSENTIAL for anyone doing marketing. Google’s Analytic Course can help you to understand the basic features of google analytics, such as how to implement the tracking code, analyse basic reports and understand affective campaign tracking. 

As a marketing professional, google analytics can help you to see just how effective your marketing has been e.g. seeing how potential customers interacted with your website, how they found you etc. 

HubSpot – Inbound Marketing Course

If you’re thinking of a career within marketing, inbound marketing will be an essential. Inbound marketing is the use of podcasts, social media and other “off-site” methods to try and get people to a business’s website.  

And lastly but oh so very important! and the flywheel and learn how to apply them to

Facebook blueprint

Plan on marketing on Instagram or Facebook? Facebook Blueprint has all the resources you will need to master this. There are several courses that come with certificates, but you do have to pay (hence, “3 free marketing courses”) BUT the courses they offer that don’t come with a certificate have a wealth of information. I know first-hand that marketing professionals within fashion and agency based, swear by these courses to help you master Facebook and Instagram marketing. 

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