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How to find a Fashion Internship on LinkedIn

Keep your LinkedIn updated

Sounds like common sense, right? Well you’d be surprised. It’s essential that your adding all of the places you have previously worked at/volunteered etc. 

At this stage, you should be thinking of your LinkedIn as your online CV, by adding all of the places you have previously worked at you open up your LinkedIn to even more connections. Even the heads of departments once had a part time retail job at let’s say River Island and maybe you once worked there too? do I sense the start of a beautiful fashion interning related conversation?! Use everything you’ve got! 

Keep on posting, again sounds utterly obvious BUT has to be said. 

You need to make sure your keeping your LinkedIn connections updated with everything you are doing, got fab marks on your recent exams? Spread the cheer. LinkedIn is a great way to not only showcase your professional skills but also a way to show some personality, show them just how great you are. 

Get those stalking boots out….Comment, Like and Reshare anything important that the company your hoping to intern at posts, you want them to remember your name so that when an intern position pops up, you apply and hopefully they instantly recognise your name. It’s also important to remember that 9/10 recruiters will look at your LinkedIn accounts either before or after they invite you in for an interview.

Lastly but probably most importantly, pop them a quick message. I can guarantee you, that at least 50% will reply if not more! The trick to this is to find the right people to message, interested in buying and merchandising? Then don’t message the graphic design team for work experience. Do your research and then reap the benefits. It’s SO IMPORTANT to not draft a little cover letter to send via LinkedIn, I promise you 99.9% will not reply, I know I wouldn’t. Craft a professional yet casual message, asking about the best way to find an internship within for e.g. Marketing. Ask for the appropriate person to contact and then it’s time to craft that cover letter. 

Any questions about any of the above, pop us a DM and we will get back to you ASAP @Theinternplatform 

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