CV Review


We are so excited to introduce our CV review services, because without the perfect CV how can we expect to land that dream fashion internship of ours?!



How does it work?

  1. Once you make your purchase, you will receive an email from where we will start the process.
  2. We will then go through your CV & send you back a PDF with notes on your CV on how we think you could improve. We will give you all the TIP secrets to get your CV looking as fresh as!

What do you need to send us? 

  1. Deadline (Please allow at a minimum 2 working days)
  2. Most current CV
  3. The types of fashion internships/jobs you plan to apply for

Within the CV reviews you will get feedback on:

  • The CV as an overall – does it match the vibe of the internship your applying for?
  • Spelling & Grammar – without the perfect grammar and spelling, it can be hard to get someone to take your application serious!
  • The Layout –Can it be clearer, easier to understand?
  • The Content – We will work together to make your experience stand out to recruiters!

We will also throw in some tips to help with your application as a whole.

What if I don’t have a CV?

Don’t worry! If you haven’t got a CV check out our Build A CV Package 


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